10 ways to Engage Mobile Users via Digital Marketing Strategy

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  1. The revolution

With the smartphone revolution showing no signs of slowing down, the number of consumers doing an extraordinary amount of their searching on the web via mobile devices is only increasing year on year, which makes for an interesting set of conundrums for digital marketers. There is no doubting the vast potential for improvements in capturing the imagination of the mobile market and there is a growing need for all small, medium and large businesses to keep reinventing their mobile marketing strategy. The fact is, mobile is now at the forefront of digital marketing thinking, rather than being a mere afterthought.

  1. Mobile-Responsive websites

One enormous mistake that has still not been addressed by so many businesses is not having a website that is mobile-responsive. The need to automatically adjust and respond to the myriad of screen sizes and resolutions has never been greater. One thing that does not change with mobile marketing is the need to minimize the number of clicks required for a browser to turn into a customer. This is the end game. To do this, it is imperative that your website is ahead of the game – trend-setting where possible, but also up-to-date with the latest trends and expectations (which are ever-growing) of your demanding demographic.

  1. Simple and convenient

For mobile, spacing of buttons is of great importance. We’ve all been on sites and apps that make it all too easy to press the wrong button. In fact, when browsing on Amazon’s main app it is far too easy to press the ‘one click purchase’ button by accident when checking a product for price when out and about. Even the multinational mega-corporations still have much to learn. More so than on desktops, payment options on mobile-optimized sites are of paramount importance. Convenience here is king. A one-page checkout is imperative and the less hurdles between home page and checkout the better your conversion rate will be.

  1. The Social role

If there is a trend that is growing even faster than mobile it is the ever-expanding role of social media. Making best use of the mobile centric social media platforms is one of the most powerful weapons in the digital marketer’s armoury. Facebook is now dominated by mobile and cannot be underestimated, while the likes of Instagram and Snapchat are nearly 100% dominated by mobile and are vastly underestimated methods of developing a social media marketing presence.

  1. Doubts and patience

Paid advertising that targets mobile users is on the rise – the aforementioned social media sites of Instagram and Facebook both offer vehicles for paid advertising and can be excellent for pinpointing specific demographics. There is no doubt that paid mobile marketing can seem a daunting prospect both technically and financially, but while overdeveloped apps can certainly be a burden that never recovers the initial investment, effective mobile marketing is not necessarily expensive. Patience is often rewarded and simple developments like faster load times and simplified layout are often the best things to focus on.

  1. Email

The emails sent out by companies will be read on mobile devices – of that there is no doubt. Checking email is one of the most common ways people use their mobiles, even in the workplace. You will absolutely need your email to stand out in a good way to avoid being auto deleted. There is absolutely no forgiveness left for unresponsive and sloppily constructed emails. All images and content should be mobile optimized and paragraphs should be concise. Efficient CTAs should be as easy to press on with a finger as they are with a mouse.

  1. Video generation

While it is often said, in the digital marketing world, that content is king, when it comes to mobile, video is undisputed champion. Over 60% of mobile users I n 2017 watch videos on their mobile devices. Investing in smart, inventive video content is a no-brainer and everyone from small businesses to major corporations should be on board.

  1. Understanding behaviour

Carving out a successful mobile marketing strategy owes a lot to understanding exactly how your audience and desired audience is using their mobile device. You must gain an understanding of the multi-channel path to purchase that is common among mobile users, what their likes and dislikes are and how to capture the attention of your demographic.

  1. Local matters more

One concrete way in which the mobile user is a different beast is when it comes to local searches. Google have come out and said as much. In fact, 88% of all local-related searches are done on mobile devices. This should give a big clue as to what businesses can do to attract customers in their local area.

  1. Understand the best road to completion

Finally, user behaviour when it comes to conversion differs on mobile, but it can be hard to know how. You can choose between call extensions, app extensions, message extensions and call-only campaigns to set up the journey to conversion that targets user behaviour in your area.