5 Basic SEO Tips for your Website

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You can have the best designed and most beautifully looking website that navigates like a dream, but all of this could amount to very little if you fail to address the basic search engine optimisation (SEO) requirements.

Let’s take a look at five key basic seo tips that will help you address these needs.

1. Create great titles and descriptions for each page

Every page of your website should have a unique title and description. In reality these represent concise texts that succinctly and accurately describe the nature of your business and incorporate a few select key words. You might ask where these texts appear. Well, if you hover over the tab that you have open on your browser, you will see a bit of text appear under your cursor. This is the title. The description, while not visible to visitors is under the constant and vigilant gaze of search engines. It is one of the key factors used by Google to determine the ranking of your site in its results. As soon as your site is seen in a search results page, then visitors can read the title and description and they use them to determine whether or not to visit, adding further weight to their vital role.

2. Think about and improve your ‘share-ability’

The role of social media engagement in the success of a website and online business is only on the rise. Social media engagement and possessing content that is easy to share is vital to the SEO success of your site. You need to ensure that your social media buttons are easy to access and you should test two distinct sites to experiment with optimal placement. You should also post regularly and actively incentivise the sharing of your posts via competitions. But far and away the most important factor is the quality of your content. It must be creative, relevant and visually stimulating.

3. Add alt text to all your images

To address the fact that search engines have a problem interpreting images on websites you can attach ‘alt text’ to them, which manifests in a concise written description. You should make sure you provide an accurate description of the image, add relevant keywords and the name of your business.

4. Build a sitemap

Sitemaps are vital for a number of reasons. They make it far simpler to find everything and also mean that search engines are kept up to speed with any changes you make to your site, which in itself is a boost to your SEO. In the greater scheme of things, this is one of the easiest wins in terms of adding to your SEO credibility and there are a wealth of free tools out there to help you get started.

5. Deploy anchor text

Anchor text is the clickable text found in a hyperlink. SEO best practices decree that anchor text should be pertinent to the page to which you are linking. You should look at your site and think where anchor text can be relevant, to take your visitors to another page or even site (which can help forge relationships that can yield cross pollination of visitors). The best anchor text helps the user to get swiftly to what they are looking for.