5 Priceless Tips for Marketing Your Blog

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As the new year is well under way and a whole host of new blogs have begun to spring up like little snowdrops all over the internet, one thing is for certain: some truly great and inspirational content will soon be as dead as a dodo, lost in the ether, rotting in the cyber graveyard – all because the creator did not know how or to whom he or she should market their resource. You only have to try to come up with a number of blogs in any given field and you’ll realize that the task is hopeless. Blogs come and blogs go or worse they stay but remain unseen and uncherished. The trick is to make yours stand out from the crowd, to shine out amidst the darkness.

1: Be focused and aim sharp

Perhaps the most basic rule of a successful blog is to retain a sharp focus and target a specific readership.

Create your ideal customer avatar. Without going into too much detail (this article explains it well), it is vital for you to understand exactly who you are hoping to attract to your blog. In this sense, they are your ideal customer avatars. You must make sure that the picture you paint is not only accurate but also achievable (i.e. targetable).

2: Be proactive

The big mistake most bloggers make is that they create their content and sit back, hoping to be discovered by a big blogger and re-blogged, or picked up by a journalist and highlighted. Of course, both these things would be wonderful, but you need to pick up the ball and run with it. Of course, just how you are proactive is the whole crux of this article, but it needs mentioning as so many don’t grasp this concept and just how vital it is.

3: Create so-called sticky headlines

Ensuring that your headlines are memorable and insanely shareable is of galactic importance not only in al journalism, but in self-marketing terms. There are some proven tricks that work, especially when it comes to achieving the much-coveted social media ‘shares’. Making lists has been shown to boost social shares. So, the headline of this very article serves as a case in point. If “5 Priceless Tips for Marketing Your Blog” was replaced with “How to Market Your Blog”, not only would it be less shareable, it’d also risk being tarred with the idea that it was too long, laborious and wordy. In the parlance of our times it could be mentioned as TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read).

4: Guest Posting

Of course there is no substitute for writing immersive and relevant content for your own blog, but guest posting has been shown to offer a substantial means of attracting traffic to your blog.

Obviously, approaching successful blogs further along the path to success, who already have a lot of traffic is the way to go. It’s amazing just how many will migrate to your blog as a result. A great example in which I’ve seen this work is with popular YouTube music reviewing vloggers, who often join forces in guest reviews on each other’s sites and achieve dramatic increases in audiences as a result.

5: Use Social Media effectively

Leveraging your blog via social media channels is not a recommendation, it is vital. Of course, there is the need for a solid following on your social media channels to begin with, but assuming your social media presence is there then you have an army of mini-marketers at your disposal. Each time you publish a new post, Tweet it and post it as a Facebook status update, via a short, snappy headline and a link. With any luck it will be shared and re-shared and achieve visibility far greater than otherwise. Social media really is the blogger’s best friend.