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With over four hundred auctions per year, BPI Auctions are one of the most popular services of its kind and the UK’s favourite online auctioneer specialist service. The company has seized a wide portion of the market by offering a range of different services including online auctions and auctions run locally. But why has this company’s service become so popular?

Decades Of Experience

Part of what makes the company’s services so appealing is that they have a huge level of experience working in this field. In fact, their website boasts that they have one hundred years of experience within the market sectors relating to auctions. As such, their clients can trust that the products they put up for auction are in skilled hands. With an expert group of staff, BPI Auctions work on the principle that each client is just as important as another and it certainly shows by the level of care and attention they bring to the services that they provide.

Auctioning Anything And Everything Online

The main bulk of the services that the business provides comes from online auctions where the company sets up sales from everything like classic cars to luxury kitchens. As such, it’s not just a service for sellers. Buyers or rare items, or a dream purchase may benefit from learning about the services that BPI Auctions provides online. The extensive list of items they auction also includes sports equipment, industrial machinery, leisure equipment, home and garden furniture and so much more. If there’s an item of interest, you just might find it’s up for auction under the services of BPI Auctions.

Auctioning Locally

As well as providing auctioning services online, the company also offers clients local auctions for local customers. Their auction services can be used by private customers or business owners looking to sell off large amounts of stock or equipment. As such, the service BPI provides could be fantastic for companies looking to make a great ROI on equipment or products that they need to sell on for whatever reason.

Keeping Things Simple

One of the major selling points about this company is that they keep sales simple. BPI Auctions offer three major possibilities for businesses and customers looking to sell their assets. Since every service is handled by the companies auction experts, businesses and private owners can rest assured, knowing that the sale of their products will receive the professional treatment.

Always Expanding

Currently, the company is just weeks away from opening up a brand new auction hall. Here, items will be auctioned through a live feed in real time and broadcast online. Interested buyers will be able to interact, place bids and in some cases get video footage of the products that they are bidding to purchase. These online video auctions will be for local clients, seeking a venue to sell their private assets. It is this type of service that puts the specialist options BPI provide a cut above more typical auction services and sites like eBay. BPI go further, providing a true auction experience for their clients and buyers of their products. No product is too large for their unique and highly recommended services.