Essential guide to outsourcing your IT support

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Why outsourcing IT support is a win-win situation for your business

IT outsourcing for your small, medium or large business is beneficial not just cost-wise but for the time and money you will save in the long-run. If you’re not in the IT industry yourself, trying to cover your own IT support is a bit like Google covering their catering or embroidering logos on their own t-shirts. They probably could; but it would be more cost-effective, therefore cheaper, and better to get the experts in.

Whether companies outsource desktop support or their entire operation they have the reassurance

not only of a professional, contractually-defined service so they know what to expect in the event of a disaster but they don’t have the other headaches associated with trying to provide a service that others provide day in day out.  Not to mention not having to employ those people, making sure they have the latest training and skills to cope with anything high-impact and that they cover every bit of geography your business requires.

And if you think that to outsource IT services means to go overseas, that’s not true. In fact there are endless persuasive reasons why it makes sense to outsource IT support to one of the trusted, experienced IT support providers in the UK:

  • You would have access to a helpdesk answered by real people who should know your operation personally and are not just reading from scripts
  • Your IT support company should have the geographical coverage you require, with the option of getting a real-live techie onsite if needed
  • You would benefit from the knowledge and experience of an industry-trained team of engineers who are used to dealing with anything
  • You would have the reassurance of clear service standards and expectations, defined by the competitive industry of IT support and no doubt higher than the standards you can provide in-house
  • You would have the benefit of professional IT expertise on board with you for advice on future IT provision, what to do about new risks and how to benefit from the latest technologies relevant to your business

If you can say that your in-house IT support really does give you all the reassurance we’ve described then that’s great; your business and the interests of your customers are covered. But if you do decide to outsource then make sure you check a few things with your chosen company.

How long have they been in the industry? How will their engineers cover your operation? And, most importantly, what are their service standards compared to the industry averages? Response times can be anywhere between 24 hours and 20 minutes with some companies taking days to resolve issues.  If you are going to outsource your IT support make sure that you get the best and the savings will be even greater.