How We Work

How We Work

At Acrobat we believe it is important to have a strong relationship with our clients. This helps us to find out everything we need to know, to develop an effective marketing plan.

Marketing Plan – Failure to plan, is planning to fail

We develop an in depth marketing plan tailored to each of our clients. This is based on the knowledge we gain in our introductory session and our marketing expertise.

Finalise the plan – Iron out any creases

After you have received our plan and read through it in depth, we meet to answer any questions and discuss any changes you may wish to make.

Begin Work – The journey begins

When we are all happy with the plan put in place, we then ask you to supply us with any relevant imagery and begin implementing the marketing plan.

As a digital marketing agency in Derby we offer clients two ways to work with us, either as their fully outsourced marketing department on a rolling contract or on a campaign by campaign basis. When working on a rolling contract, we begin by visiting your office for an introductory session. Here we find out everything that we need to know about your business to allow us to develop a unique and effective marketing plan, within five working days. This is all done free of charge; without signing a contract. You can then read through the plan and decide whether you want to go ahead or if you want to make a few tweaks. After finalising the plan we will ask you for any imagery you already have and begin work.

If you do not require a fully outsourced marketing department, then you can also work with us on a campaign by campaign basis. Clients tend to do this when they do not have staff in house for a specific area of marketing, whether that be a website design or for telemarketing.

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