Is lead generation software just for big corporations?

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How small businesses are embracing new lead generation software to boost sales and exposure

Lead generation software is making a huge difference across the board when it comes to finding who is visiting a website and, more importantly perhaps, what they are doing when they get there. The old days of ‘visit counters’ seems very long ago but it is extraordinary to think that some people who don’t do much upgrading of their web presence are still relying on something this basic – it is next to no help to simply have raw numbers. What is needed these days is as much detail as can possibly be gathered and lead generation software puts it all at the small business entrepreneur’s fingertips.

Tools for everyone

Many small business owners have had a reputation in the past of saying ‘That’s for the big boys – small businesses like mine just can’t compete in their world’ but that just isn’t so. Anyone who is running a B2B small enterprise can’t let the grass grow under their feet and so any small business which only knows how many, but not who and why is essentially throwing money away. It doesn’t take multi-million pound advertising campaigns to benefit from lead generation software. It is a bit of a given these days that all businesses of any size conduct a lot of their marketing online, whether it is by direct emailing or using social media, so anything that gives them a ‘go-to’ list, for precisely targeted approaches, has to be good. It saves time (in other words, money) and it also saves annoying the wrong people with emails in which they have absolutely no interest.

Vital feedback

Lead generation software can also give pointers as to how well a website is working for the visitor. If no one seems to move on from the home page, is it taking too long to load? If there is a page where most people drop off, then that needs attention – is it boring, off the point or off-putting in another way, such as being packed with typos. The web is an unforgiving place and these days there is zero tolerance for errors. Lead generation software is easy to use and there are various companies out there including The Media Crew and Lead Forensics to name just a few.

The best plan for any small business wanting to get started on this increasingly vital tool is for them to get in touch with a number of lead generation companies and see which seems the best for them. As with so many things in life and in the world of small businesses in particular, it is no use paying for bells and whistles you don’t need. On the other hand, there may be some aspects of lead generation software which, once pointed out, are clearly good ideas.

Targeting the right people

Any business which has been around for a while has probably already got people within the workforce who have shown themselves to be adept at various methods of marketing. It isn’t everyone who has the skill to pick up the phone and call cold – it can be dispiriting to get lots of turns down in a row and this is where lead generation software can take the heat off that one poor beleaguered person. It is never so bad calling someone who has shown an interest in a product or service, because there is a common ground right from the start, so the information from the lead generation software gives a list of interested people. It is true that some will be ‘browsers’ but not very many, compared to the wasted contacts in any randomly chosen set of numbers. Not only can calls and emails be targeted as regards recipient, but with the lead generation software information, a call or email can literally discuss only the element that a visitor to the website appeared to be most interested in, or can draw their attention to something they had clearly missed.

Give it a try

In a nutshell, any business of any size – even sole traders – can get so much out of lead generation software it seems incredible that they don’t all use it already. It is one of those things which some people may resist as an unnecessary expense coming out of a small marketing budget but, once in place, they can’t imagine how they ever did without it!