Is Social Media Important for SEO?

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If you haven’t got a handle on your Social Media strategy yet then you need to get with the programme! SM is incredibly important within the world of SEO. If your site’s SEO plan doesn’t include Social Media, you’re missing out on a hugely powerful marketing tool that you could – and should – be making the most of.

Whether you work for a marketing company or carry out your own SEO, take a look below to find out exactly why Social Media is so important for marketing a product or service.

Social Media Optimisation

Although it seems likely that search engines such as Google will forever have a place in their heart’s for Search Engine Optimisation – a quality site full of great content will always be a quality site full of great content – the newer concept of Social Media Optimisation will begin to play an increasingly important part in the way businesses manage their marketing.

Content will still be king for a good few years to come, but tweets, Facebook likes and a whole host of other social media outlets will be monitored and utilised to determine where sites are placed on search engine listings.

Get Connected

If you’re ready to make the most from social media then unless you’re an expert it’s a good idea to consult the services of an expert. There are lots of SEO companies out there who can design the right type of Social Media strategy for your company and get consumers talking about you.

Most companies will suggest that the first step towards making social media work for you is connecting with your clients in a more productive way. For example, providing special deals or exclusive offers to people who follow your tweets, or including extra features on your Facebook page that aren’t on your website such as discount codes or first refusal on new products.

Of course, these are the two leaders in terms of social media but there are lots of other outlets you can take advantage of that will get people sharing information about your company over the web. However, it’s important that the social media outlets you choose suit the thing you’re promoting.

For example Pinterest is a great place to set up a page  if your company produces kitchen furniture or if you offer gardening courses, because your audience will be likely to want to share the types of images you’ll upload, but it’s more difficult to use Pinterest to your advantage of you work for an oil or chemicals company.

Keep up the Campaign

A few years ago when consumers searched for products or services, they looked directly at retail websites and read info from the manufacturer. These days they’re much more likely to look for reviews and testimonials and rely on the opinions of other consumers and reviewers rather than that of the manufacturer.

Therefore, if you can create a positive online buzz about your company and get people talking about you, it will have a powerful effect on your search engine placing and ensure that an enormous number of potential clients get to know about you.

Keep it Up

Whatever Social Media Optimisation strategies you employ, its essential to keep up a coherent and comprehensive campaign. This should entail collating information gleaned from monitoring your social media activity and using it to inform your future strategy. By using data in this way you can hone the SM strategy you offer to pack the biggest punch and provide maximum benefit for your company.

You can buy software online that can be used to collect information about your clients’ SM activity on the web, but it can be complex to use and interpret. Most small and medium businesses now prefer to employ the services of a professional SEO company that understand the current trends and technology within today’s social media and will also have one eye on the future.