Keeping up with Digital Marketing Trends

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A hot topic at a good many seminars, webinars and business conference get-togethers is always ‘how on Earth do we possibly keep pace with all the many new trends, platforms, and technologies that are constantly evolving in the world of digital marketing?’

digital marketing trendsTaking this dilemma in its literal sense, let’s first look at how to discover just what is changing in digital marketing circles and keep monitoring the news for fresh, exciting developments.

LinkedIn Pulse: LinkedIn Pulse is a great tool that allows you to set up various topics, publications and influences. By checking the latest hits several times daily you’ll soon be on top of the latest trends in digital marketing if you’ve set it up correctly.

Google and Twitter: Google News can be set to 24 hours and filtered for such terms as ‘social advertising’ or ‘digital marketing’ and ‘online marketing’, while you can get to grips with the relevant Twitter hashtags and follow them on a daily basis.

Techmeme: This is a great little aggregator site that will keep you abreast of the latest industry changes.

Nuzzel: Nuzzel is a superb mobile app that serves as an appendage to either Twitter or Facebook or both, and should appeal to everyone embracing mobile browsing. All you will need to do is open up the app each day and you’ll be privy to which articles are receiving the most shares. So assuming you follow the right accounts you’ll cut straight to the good stuff!

Feedly: Here’s one that would be familiar to all my fellow freelance writers. It’s a fabulous tool that allows you to search for relevant blogs and follow their updates and content. Providing you enter parameters that are accurate and relevant it’s another excellent way of filtering your daily or weekly reading on digital marketing trends.

Buffer: Another social media related tool, Buffer is unique to the others in that it comes in handy in terms of sharing. It’s a mobile and desktop suitable app that basically facilitates the connection of multiple social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and you can set it up to schedule posts. So this is a fantastic tool that will allow you to reflect your news across multiple channels without fuss and quickly, offering consistency to your social media. Your customers will feel like there is someone tangible behind your brand, keeping in touch.

With all these amazing tools you will be well on the way to setting up a system that allows you to keep on top of all the constant changes in the world of digital marketing. In case you’d like some guidance as to areas in which changes are predicted to happen to help create some criteria to search for, here are a few basic ideas.

  • Snapchat: advertising with a short shelf life. Creating self-detonating ads that exist in the form of video teasers for mere seconds, will become massive
  • Identity based PPC marketing (targeting users based on emails or phone numbers)
  • Using Instagram to advertise