Online Tactics to Attract More Customers

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Whether your business is bricks and mortar or online, there are many things that you can do online, via your website or email in order to attract more new customers and encourage existing customers to keep coming back for more.

Running an online competition

Everyone loves a good competition. As the summer gets into full flow (despite the weather suggesting otherwise) you’ll doubtless see hordes of people thrusting pound coins into the hands of stallholders at fairs across the country, in desperation to overcome often nigh on impossible odds to win a ghastly luminous soft toy prize. Such is the nature of people and their love of a good competition! Your greatest ally in a bid to attract entrants and gather leads through online contests is social media. Using social media to host and advertise your online competition comes with several key advantages. Firstly, competitions come with the possibility of winning, which in a world in which bills, work and stress can often make us feel like perpetual losers, offers excitement and hope as well as the possibility of becoming shared and viral. As well as a winner with potential and existing customers, creating targeted leads and obtaining data, you will be boosting brand awareness and market presence.

In order to be successful with an online competition you must:

  • Share and share and share via all your social media platforms. Social media moves as fast and fluidly as a raging river and one single post is like a drop in the ocean
  • Identify those who are best placed to help by sharing and incentivise them to do so if necessary
  • Pinpoint the best times, days and months to run such a competition, by understanding your demographic
  • Use paid promotion on social media platforms to maximise your reach

Offer free samples or free guides

Other great ways of attracting new customers is to offer a free guide or one that is especially good for retailers is to offer to send out free samples in exchange for feedback, reviews and email subscriptions. The world of retail is constantly shifting further and further towards peer-reviews as the driving force and obtaining valued feedback is next to priceless. If you send out a nicely presented sample pack in exchange for reviews you will be able to accelerate the process of building a bank of quality feedback to display on your website, which will be a major selling point for new customers.

Write quality blog content

Content is king’, in online terms may be an outdated phrase but now more than ever it rings true. The main difference is that it is no longer good enough to stuff articles full of keywords or even provide white on white keywords at the bottom of the page to seduce Google’s algorithms. Fortunately, Google has wised up to this. Now it is all about looking at the very real problems, issues and concerns of your customer base and addressing them through quality, well-written (but still SEO friendly) articles. If this means outsourcing and linking in content from outside sources then so be it. In fact, the latter can stimulate positive symbiotic relationships and social sharing.