Personalised Print Packaging Promises Premium Profits

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It might not be immediately obvious but personalised print on products really does add up to something incredibly impressive from a marketing perspective. German retailer MyMuesli found that a large number of their customers were very happy to pay a premium on personalised packaging which got them thinking as to how to go about monetizing a scheme that took advantage of this. Eventually they coughed up for a snazzy 4D inkjet printer so they could personalise their muesli packaging themselves.

This trend was arguably started by Coca Cola, with their ‘Share a Coke with…’ followed by a name bottle idea. To say that the idea worked for Coca Cola would be an understatement… Their own take on the personalised label idea revolutionised preconceptions surrounding FMCG packaging. As a result of their ‘Share a Coke With…’ campaign they ended that year with the greatest yearly sales growth for the 20-ounce packaging range in the brand’s history – greater than 19%! And yet it is clear that this is not an idea that need only be restricted to the major corporations. It could work for your small to medium sized business too.

Why does this personalised packaging work, you might rightly ask? This take on variable packaging is a great way to be unique and create a buzz and a conversation point around your products. It is a wonderful way to engage consumers and helps to afford your enterprise a close net, all-encompassing family feel. There have even been companies that have created vastly successful enterprises based entirely on personalised products – you only need to look in the direction of gift card giants Moonpig for the most obvious example. Personalised labels for beer, whisky and wine aficionados are likely to become popular in the not too distant future (The Famous Grouse have already trialled a ‘Make Someone Famous’ campaign, which allowed buyers to attach a personalised photo label to be added to a bottle ordered online) and it really is a case if ‘the sky is the limit’, with no areas out of bounds.

There has been some interesting research into the phenomenon. Smithers Pira put together a white paper that was commissioned by digital print specialists Konica Minolta – who obviously have a vested interest in the progression of personalised print as a going concern. The results of the study were that personalised marketing delivers over 30% more profit when compared to general marketing material. A very interesting and likely a popular spin-off advantage was that customers were found to become more loyal as a result of being targeted with personalised marketing material.

At the moment most of the examples of the art of personalised packaging have been in the food and drink industry, with cans and bottles being the prime candidates, perhaps due to the easy of printing labels for them in bulk, but it is likely that you will soon see other industries cottoning onto the benefits of this idea. The technology from the print side of things is constantly evolving and ‘direct-to-object’ inkjet printers are gaining great momentum as the medium of choice for making small to medium quantities of personalised packaging. There are other options, such as Tonjet’s  2-Piece Can & Tube Digital Decorator, which is immensely popular when it comes to personalising labels for cans – craft breweries take note.

Of course, the digital arena was the first to latch onto the benefits of personalised packaging, but bricks and mortar businesses are certainly beginning to catch up, proving that this is not a fad, it is a real, successful strategy that will continue to grow. It is important that small and medium sized businesses that could benefit strike while the iron is hot.