Does Social Media Help with your Search Rankings?

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Whether we like it or not, social media is definitely here to stay. Over a billion regular users log onto their personal profiles every day to share various titbits of information. As well as having the privilege of learning about what type of breakfast your buddies have just created, there is another very lucrative side to this modern phenomenon. Thousands of businesses are harnessing the power of social media to help drive traffic towards their websites. This article looks at exactly how social media marketing works and why your business should be following suit.

The Basics 

If you are less than happy with how your website is currently performing, maybe it’s time to look at the bigger picture. In order to increase the traffic that arrives at your online entity’s door, you should aim to increase the overall awareness. If you think about the huge audience potential that is available within social media, isn’t it time to tap some of this for your own benefit? Just be aware that you can’t simply jump into this scene with a hard-sell approach. It may not be rocket science, but there is a defined etiquette that needs to be adhered to for the best possible results.

Using Facebook

Facebook is the undisputed Big Daddy of all social media platforms, and offers an incredible arena for potential traffic and search engine rankings. If you already have a personal profile, it is best to open a new one for your business, or open a Facebook Fan Page. Keeping your personal and business interests apart is a wise move and allows you to manage each entity a lot easier. You are aiming to create an environment that engages potential customers to the degree that they become interested in your business. You can achieve this by writing articles with quality content that relates to your professional interest. By attracting more followers and achieving a high likeability, you will drive more traffic towards your website. Remember to add a link to your page and avoid any direct promotional content. When you articles are ‘liked’ and shared by your followers, Google will pick this up and as a result your ranking will improve.

Twitter Away

Using Twitter is an excellent way of promoting your brand via the internet, but you should aim to engage your followers in a similar way to Facebook for maximum results. Microblogging allows you to capture people’s interest with a few well-chosen words. Although this sounds pretty easy, it is far from being straightforward. It is incredibly important to have a brand name before beginning your Twitter approach. Once it is registered, you can start to use this platform to control your branding by engaging other others. Once you assign a Hashtag to your business brand, you can review any comments that have been made thereafter. As with Facebook, the more that your brand is being shared and commented on, the better chance you have of Google picking up on this. Try to respond as quickly as possible wherever appropriate and stay positive whenever your brand is mentioned.

Be Aware!

Whilst it is an excellent way to promote your brand for zero cash, social media etiquette needs to be adhered to at all times. If the integrity of your brand is brought into question, please be careful with your responses. One of the biggest, and most damaging, mistakes you can make is deleting negative comments. If your followers see this taking place, and they will, it will reflect very badly on your reputation. You should try to address any issues in a transparent way, because this will display a genuine concern and may even work in your favour.

Socially Aware?

As long as you approach social media with the correct attitude and use the suggested approach, your rankings will rise as a result. As well as the big two, you can use a personal blog for some very impressive results. Just remember to be engaging as possible and always reply to your comments in an honest and timely fashion.