Benefits of advertising with Google ads

This article will look at the key benefits for adopting Google’s Pay-Per-Click advertising platform, Google ads as part of your online marketing strategy.

Speed of results

Often in SEO, it’s a case of being a marathon, not a sprint (for good reason) and so when a tool comes along that facilitates quick results, it is just too good not to take up. Google ads delivers quick results and it’s not far-fetched to say you could set up in the morning and receive leads by the afternoon.

Targets intent, therefore the right people

Because of the keyword precision associated with Google ads, people will only see your ad if they are interested in your products or services. It is possible to adopt laser-focused targeting by using keywords that indicate a user is ready to buy.

Transparency of results

With the excellent dashboard and monitoring facilities associated with Google ads you not only get quick results, but you can easily analyse the statistics of each ad, helping you to hone your technique after you see what works best.

Reach the top of the search results

Google ads is a very powerful tool in your quest to get that all important top ranking in Google’s search results.

Budget control

You are in charge of how much you spend on your campaign on a daily and monthly basis and on each ad. There is no minimum spend and you only pay when one of your ads receives a click. By analysing your lead generation statistics and of course, the bottom line, you can easily decide how much to spend on your campaign.