How to Create Great Content to Attract Your Target Market

As copywriters are coming to terms with a changing world in which content is king and there is no more room for clumsy, keyword-heavy articles that target algorithms and not people, there is plenty of work out there for aspiring copywriters and they are being tasked by companies to deliver pieces that are optimised not only for search engines but for the target market. This article looks at how copywriters can best address this vital shift in focus and create engaging content that is tailor made for the relevant demographic.

Evaluate your current practice

It is absolutely imperative that the first task of the copywriter looking to address changing needs is to evaluate his or her current practice and look through recent content. If you find it engaging, the likelihood is that your readership will think similarly. If you find yourself detached from what you have written then you may have to resolve some deep-rooted problems with your approach.

Come up with some key universal statements

It is a tried and tested method that you look at your target audience and judge them. Not morally speaking of course, but look at them and see if you can decipher any universal truths about them. Do they all share common frustrations, problems, needs and desires? If so you should be able to come up with a list of very useful stock phrases that will resonate with your readership and can be applied to a wide range of content.

Visuals are your friend!

Everyone loves a good graphic, whether it’s a handy, easy to decipher pie chart, a fabulous picture, or ever more importantly a video you should not be afraid of introducing a splash of colour into your articles. Not only are visuals eye-catching and user-friendly but they are also likely to be shared and linked, which is the ultimate goal and helps to increase your readership.

Creating a video and uploading it to Youtube is also a great idea. You can then embed the video on your posts just like this one:

Establish the human touch

Why should online content differ in essence from other forms of human to human communication? Well, it shouldn’t. If you cannot build a human connection with your readership then you will not maintain one at all. Show your imperfections, be proud of your vulnerability and share common frustrations and joys.

There is a place for curation

While writing your own content can, at times, be the desired method and it will no doubt give your customers an insight into your company and personality, there is certainly a time and place when curated content is perfectly acceptable and even preferable. Recognise the great work of others – it is an endearing characteristic – and also build up a rapport with others, which can yield some stellar symbiotic relationships.

Following some of these key tips will only help you to get to grips with creating vital and engaging content. In the cold light of day the most important thing to remember will always be to address the perceived problems and concerns of your customer base in a way that is easy to relate to and using words, pictures, videos and other content that is designed for your specific audience. If this is your mantra then you will not stray far from the correct path. The SEO element to your work should work around these fundamental issues and not dictate the direction of your articles. People take precedence and are, of course, far trickier to predict and more changeable than even the meanest Google algorithm. Once you get to grips with your audience the rest is relatively simple to address.